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Readings on the Radio Russia

Recording of Kseniya Lepanova's Programme "Private Collection" in which Larissa Miller took part, broadcast on Radio Russia on July 31, 2010 (repeated on September 25, 2010).

Recording of Kseniya Lepanova's Programme "Private Collection", broadcast on Radio Russia on April 25 of 2008, including Larissa Miller's and Dmitriy Vodennikov's reading of their poems.

Starting from August of 2004 the third Thursday of every month at 14:30 and 20:30 Kseniya Lepanova's Program "Private Collection" presents serial of broadcasts where the editor of the Program speaks with poet Larissa Miller, who also reads her poems. Songs to Larissa Miller's poems composed and performed by Michail Prihod'ko and Galina Pukhova sound in the Program.
Two broadcasts took place on 19.08.2004 and 16.09.2004. In the advertisement to the Third broadcast (21.10.2004) Kseniya Lepanova said: "Next time Larissa Miller will share with you the reminiscences about her youth. We shall discuss why a human being is so often unsatisfied with his/her own life and rarely feels grateful for the very chance to live. We shall discuss the freedom of will and that the Creation is not finished yet. And as always you will hear the poems read by the author". November broadcast was cancelled because of the President Putin's speech; it was moved to 16.12.2004.
The next broadcast will take place on the third Wednesday of January, that is, on January 19, at 19:10.