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Guests of Eternity

In memoriam
Arseny Tarkovsky


Series Editors note by Jean Boase-Beier

Translators Preface, by Richard McKane

Larissa Miller: An Introduction, by Sasha Dugdale

Biographical notes: Larissa Miller, Richard McKane and Sasha Dugdale

At the beginning of 2008 the translation of the book got The Britains Poetry Book Society Recommendation (see Selection Review by Ruth Fainlight).

* * *

Between the cloud and the pit,
betwixt the birch and the aspen,
between the best of life
and the completely unbearable,
under the high vault of the sky
the unstoppable swings
between Boschs freaks
and Botticellis spring.

* * *




Information about Readings from Larissa Millers new book in London. Enigma of translation: question without answer.